Conference Overview

The "Corpus-based Research in the Humanities" workshop (CRH) continues the series of workshops previously named "Annotation of Corpora for Research in the Humanities" (ACRH). Three
editions of ACRH were held, respectively in 2011 (Heidelberg, Germany), 2012 (Lisbon, Portugal) and 2013 (Sofia, Bulgaria).

CRH wants to be a meeting place for both scholars from Computational Linguistics and from the Humanities (especially, Digital Humanities). Although the two research areas share a number of common topics, there is still limited collaboration between the two communities. Since the empirical evidence provided by corpora plays a central role in both disciplines, we believe that a workshop focussed on the different uses of (different kinds of) corpus data in the Humanities might represent a valid opportunity to make the two communities meet, discuss and compare their interests, methods and aims.

CRH is co-located with with the "Fourteenth International Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories" (TLT-14), to be held in Warsaw on 11-12 December 2015.