09:15- Registration
09:45–10:00 Opening (Marco Passarotti)

Invited talk

Reinhard Förtsch: Four elements to make the fifth. Integrating multiple disciplines in the

11:00–11:30 Coffee break

Session A (Chair: Jan Hajič)

Tariq Yousef and Monica Berti: The Digital Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum and the Ancient Greek-Latin Dynamic Lexicon

Eleonora Sausa and Chiara Zanchi: Non-accusative null objects in the Homeric Dependency Treebank

Eleni Bozia: Measuring Tradition, Imitation, and Simplicity: The case of Attic Oratory

13:00–14:30 Lunch break

Session B (Chair: Gosse Bouma)

Fabian Barteld, Ingrid Schröder and Heike Zinsmeister: Unsupervised regularization of historical texts for POS tagging

Dimitrios Kokkinakis and Mats Malm: Detecting Reuse of Biblical Quotes in Swedish 19th Century Fiction using Sequence Alignment

15:30–16:00 Coffee break

Session C (Chair: Victoria Rosén)

Andrew U. Frank and Andreas Dittrich: Flexible annotation of digital literary text corpus with RDF

Christine Ivanovic and Andrew U. Frank: Corpus-based Research in Computational Comparative Literature


Poster session

Łukasz Borchmann, Filip Graliński, Rafał Jaworski and Piotr Wierzchoń: A Semi-automatic method for thematic classification of documents in a large text corpus

Philip Diderichsen, Sune Just Christensen and Jørgen Schack: Ranking corpus texts by spelling error rate

Frederik Elwert, Sven Sellmer, Sven Wortmann, Manuel Pachurka, Jürgen Knauth and David Alfter: Toiling with the Pāli Canon

Guglielmo Inglese: Towards a Hittite Treebank. Basic Challenges and Methodological Remarks

Erica Pinelli: A corpus-based analysis of near-synonyms of fear in Russian

Corinne Rossari, Claudia Ricci and Margot Salsmann: Modal forms expressing probability and their combination with concessive sequences in French and Italian



Closing (Francesco Mambrini)